Dear friends of veteran cycles all over the world


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Welcome to the IVCA Rally in Karlsruhe.

IVCA_logo_roundWhere else should the anniversary rally be held as on the historic ground that the feet of Karl Drais touched?
Not only that he was born and buried here. Our central meeting point, the castle of Karlsruhe, is the very spot where he presented his application for patent (privilege) on August 21th, 1817 and where it was approved in January.

deelle pampe

Let us show him what has been developed in the 200 years since his invention and how actual it still is. Make him and us happy by bringing the most beautiful and rare pieces of your collection as the late honor that was denied to him during his lifetime.

drais 1
I am sure he will be standing invisible in a corner and will celebrate with us.

The photos from the bi-centenary will shape the image of the veteran cycle in the media for a long time. So let’s put the bicycle in the center and not the rider.
Please read the corresponding dress code and cycle sections.

Karl Drais, the city of Karlsruhe, the club Radsportgemeinschaft Karlsruhe and of course the 4 of us (Rolf, Barbara, Dominique & Helge) are happy to receive our guests from Australia, Indonesia, Canada, USA and also the good old Europe.

© Many thanks to KTG, Karlsruher Tourismus GmbH for the pictures of Karlsruhe on this site from which they have copyright rigths.

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