Dress code

Google picture search for penny farthing shows nearly 60% of riders wearing a not matching tailcoat suit. A striking illustration of how the public image of history is falsified by photos.
We celebrate the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. And like usual for anniversaries, we would of course look forward to suitable clothing.

Just as one does not normally go to a wedding in baseball cap and swimming costume, please avoid tailcoat and top hat, modern bright color sport shirts and long dress when riding the ordinary.

so nicht 3We look forward typical of the time and imaginative clothing. A chimney sweeper on a bike of the 1930s is as interesting for the public as a high bicycle driver in penguin costume, but historically correct.

We, and the city as the main sponsor, are interested in authentic pictures. Whoever does not accept this must expect to be excluded in extreme cases from some events like the costume ride and the rolling museum.




But do not worry, we are not more royal than the king, we want to have our fun and meet many old friends 🙂 These recommendations do not change the habits of 99% of the participants. They are addressed to the forever unteachable 1% jostling in front of each camera lens.