Excursion destinations

For all those who want to combine a small holiday with the meeting, here are constantly updated places to see in the region

Baden Württemberg is one of the most diversified federal states in Germany. From the Rhine valley to the 1500m high Schwarzwald, landscape and climate change within short distances. Limestone rocks on the Swabian Alb, acid marshes in the Black Forest, a glimpse of the Mediterranean climate at Lake Constance and in the Rhine Valley.
World-famous places such as Heidelberg and Baden-Baden and 2 World Heritage sites (Speyer and Maulbronn) are less than 45 minutes from Karlsruhe. Not to mention the Baden-Baden and Palatine wine routes

Von Montecappio - Eigenes Werk, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimed
Von Montecappio – Eigenes Werk, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimed

Baden Württemberg is the home of the imperial family of the Staufer whose most famous representative was Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa.

Let’s just start in a bit chaotic way (just as we get free picture material)

Suggestion: an approx. 120 km easy route Maulbronn- Bad Wimpfen (recommended, to come) – Zweiradmuseum Neckarsulm (to come) – Lauffen on the Neckar

Convent Maulbronn 36 km

Not without reason is the Cistercian monastery World Heritage . Actually it is a fortified monastery village with all outbuildings. This corresponds to the idea of the Order to live by its own hands work. The largest and most complete monastery complex of its kind with a magnificent choir and a great choir stool.




Velociped im Kreisverkehr
Lauffen on the Neckar



A symbolic sculpture by Peter Lenk with Nietzsche on a velocipede. The velocipede represents progress 🙂

The sculptor Peter Lenk is well known for his biting satirical works.


Lauffen is a nice small town on the Neckar.

Speyer Cathedral and Technic Museum 52 km

The sheer size of the Imperial Cathedral alone is impressive, and it was build 1000 years. ago. Built as the largest church of Christendom, it is today 1000 years. Built as the largest church of Christendom, it is today World heritage . The interior, after a myriad of plundering, is a little barren, but the crypt of the emperors alone is worth a trip. It is unbelievable what thick columns the church stands on.



For the friends of old metal the Technic Museum

By Kozuch - Own work (own photo), CC BY-SA 3
By Kozuch – Own work (own photo), CC BY-SA 3

Small brother of the museum in Sinsheim with the russian spaceshuttle Buran.

Vehicle Museum Marxzell – 23 km

A collector’s adventure playground 🙂 Totally different as in these countless high gloss Museums. The smell of “hidden treasures” will rise in your nose.


Between deer antlers will appear suddenly such treasures as a Megola motorcycle with a radial motor, a Mauser monotrace car and the German chancellor’s Mercedes from 1950’s.


You will find there also about 50 bicycles like the ultra-rare Ovalrad (a recumbent with oval chain wheel from the 1920’s), a lever driven J-Rad as well as some safeties, a few tricycles and a lot of auxiliary bicycle motors.


You won’t find a lot of explanation panels but the Reichert brothers will explain you all you want to know. Especially as they feel that you are infected by the virus. Plan a lot of time.

The museum is hidden in a scenic side valley.

© all pictures Fahrzeugmuseum Marxzell