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The IVCA is dedicated to historical cycles. Therefore we would prefer to see original machines only. For sure we would be happy to see hundreds of safety high wheels, tandem tricycles, Otto’s, but it is also important to see bikes from the 1950s or even a shrill folding bike with even shriller driver.

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Please bring the most beautiful and interesting pieces of your collection, the ones to fragile or difficult to transport in other occasions. Not only for Karl Drais, but as a feast for our eyes.





Original walking machines are banned by stoning sentence. Replicas of machines that have existed are welcome.
We would be pleased if the public is not led to the false impression that walking machines were just 2 wheels connected by a timber beam or monsters from haunted houses. The original Drais walking machine weighed 22 kg. Chroniclers and retrospectives of later years have made some at least questionable models appear.

MurkskisteHigh bicycle replicas without modern parts and in contemporary colors are accepted but will not be allowed to participate to the bi-centennial cup race. We expect cycles until 1960. Younger unusual bikes can be interesting, but please contact us before.
We would like to receive in advance some photos of machines and drivers for publication on these pages and those of the city. Information to this topic will follow on the page Supporting program.